Valuable HR consulting

Make your most important asset even more valuable

The right person at the right place with the right prerequisites -
That makes a huge difference 

We know that people are the most important assest in the organizations. In an ever changing world securing the right people on the right place with the right prerequisites is sometimes a challange. But what if the commitment increased among all employee by 5% - what would it do to the result? Finding that kind of potential in the organization and making the right efforts - that is our speciality

HR consulting

Hire an HR consultant when you:

- are building the HR processes from scratch. 
- do not have the possibility to employ 
- have temporary high workload t
- are adjusting your agile and digital way of working 
- are facing an organizational change 
- want to improve your HR work for exemple employee branding, recruitment, onboarding, people emgagement, compensations and benefits, organizatorisk och social work environment

Said about one of our HR consultants

"Sara is a person who can both drive strategic HR work and also support customers operationally. This by bringing the strategy to everyday activities and helping the organization to take these important steps. She helped us with this and gave me and the management insights that were very valuable on our journey .
Esko Österbacka, CFO WallVision AB 

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HR consulting

How do we quality secure the HR support? 

We have extensive experience of familiarizing ourselves with the current situation, goals and needs of various businesses. Then effectively adapt the HR service to match the most important needs you have. Communication with our customers is clear, professional and fast. Follow-up takes place on an ongoing basis so that HR support always matches your needs - even when they may change along the way ...

HR consulting

HR Mentorship

When you have great HR potential and a little less practical experience, a more experienced HR mentor can be supportive for more effective HR work. The setup is adapted to your and the organization's most important needs.

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