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A careercoach supports growth in your professional life

Suitable when the organization is facing a change, if you have been laid off or when you need decision basis to change career path

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Getting support from a coach who uses a goal-oriented process increases the chance for you to find new sustainable goals and tools for your further professional development. Such as a new job, development within an existing role, studies or starting your own business. The will and the energy to take the steps in the direction you want - it comes naturally in the process!


For who

Suitable when the organization is facing a change, if you have been layed off or when you need basis for decisions and perhaps the courage to change career path. For you who want your professional development to be inline with your goals in life!


If you already know the direction you want and need support to get there, 3-5 meetings are usually enough. If you are in a place where you do not really know your wanted direction, a program with 7-10 meetings is recommended. 

The method we use is structured and active and follows three main steps


We identify your strengths, motivations, values, interests and skills


We find development paths and decide on goal setting. Create effective job-applications, network and train for interviews


We create an action plan for you to reach your goals. Active coaching all the way 

Said about "At a time when I was lost and grasping for the next step in my professional life, I could with Sara's help see myself clearly, my values and driving forces, my skills and possible ways forward. With warmth, sensitivity and creativity, Sara helped me to become aware and gain the strength to change career path. I can warmly recommend Sara as careercoach! " 

Camilla Molin, HR-Strateg Högskolan Väst

About the method

The method is based on research and empirical data. Mainly developed by the company New Career. It has been used by, among others, SVT, Volvo, the City of Gothenburg and the Swedish Transport Administration linked to outplacement and internal work with career change



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