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Guide Consulting is founded by me, Sara Nordenstam. I am trained in the Behavioral Science and HR field and have diplomas as coach and  therapist. I have personal experience of changing careerdirection when I finished a career as an HR manager 2014 and started my own business. A step into the unknown I never regretted. I have specialist knowledge in therapy, councelling and coaching, training and change management - both in professional life and life. 

I strongly believe in human inherent good power and potential. I humbly witness this time and time again in the meetings and assignments I have the privilege of holding and leading. 

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Educational background

  • Diploma in Psykosynthesis Therapy (5years)*
  • Bachelor in Human Resourse Management
  • Certified Careercoach
  • Certified trainer, HR, leadership and communication
  • Mindful Self Compassion
  • DISC certification
*  As a member of  the Association for Psychosynthesis, I have agreed to follow ethical standards, which include having regular supervision with an experienced counsellor, taking further education regularly and working under professional secrecy. I am trined at Psychosynthesis Institure in Sweden (5 years), member of EFPF The European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, which guarantees the quality of the education

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