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Therapy Sara Nordenstam

Personally attuned therapy 

Perhaps you want to sort out a difficult life situation, learn to set healthy boundaries, worry less or get support with your personal development. I offer personally attuned therapy. With warmth, empathy and compassion, I meet you, always with yours needs as the most important starting point

When and for who

The need for therapy can vary and have many different reasons. Usually it is about something that feels difficult in our lives. It can be about personal loss or difficulties related to family, jobs, friends, etc. But it can also be that energy and joy are no longer present in our lives. And despite efforts, we have not succeeded in moving forward. Maybe it is about events earlier in life that made us create behavioral patterns we are unaware of and have difficulty to change.  Then we need to look deeper into ourselves to meet what is difficult to change on our own. If this is the case, therapy is a way to find out more about yourself. Also to provide guidance to development and wellbeing  in line with your specific needs.



In the initial therapy, we explore together current difficulties and their background. Then we clarify what consequences this has for you today and what change you want in your life. Jointly we talk about how to move forward and what supports you in handling the difficulties and finding more wellbeing. To support us in this work, we have the trustworthy dialogue between us, as well as a variety of proven techniques and exercises. In addition to the conversation itself, your therapy can include cognitive exercises, mindfulness, visualizations, body- or experience-based exercises. All with the focus on empathically supporting your journey to healing and more wellbeing.

How long?

Many wonder "How long does it take"? The answer is "It is individual ". Depending on what you bring, your present situation and where you want to reach, the process has different length. Most important is the permission and openess for your needs on your way of feeling better.


The difference between therapy and coaching?

Maybe you recognize what you need when you read about both coaching and therapy and wonder what suits you best. This often becomes clear during the first phone call or the first meeting. Therefore do not hesitate to get in touch so we can together clarify what suits you best. Here is also a short description.

During coaching, we focus mainly on your present situation and your objectives. We also explore  what supports and might hinder you and create a personal plan for you to move forward in the best way. If you have tried coaching without moving forward, or your even find yourself back at the same obstacle again and again, then it may be time for therapy. The difference in therapy is that we, in addition to the present situation and objectives , also focus on exploring history. Often painful events earlier in life can create obstacles within us that we are not aware of. Habits that hinder us and that have become automatic. In therapy we explore and reflect on our history in order to create both greater understanding and compassion for ourselves. Then it is easier to move on and feel better.

Therapy Psychosynthesis


With a focus on human capacity            

Psychosynthesis teaches us to see opportunities in personal difficulties and there find the ground for growth. It is about finding who we are behind our external roles. To find the inner compass and the courage and strength to follow the path that is our own. Psychosynthesis encompasses the whole person - body, soul, intellect and emotions. In addition to the dialogue, psychosynthesis therapy includes a number of different well-proven methods. For example cognitive exercises, mindfulness, visualizations, gestalt- or experience-based exercises. 

"Psychosynthesis is a method of psychological development and self-realization for those who refuse to become slaves to their inner ghosts or external influences, for those who refuse to passively give in to the psychological game within them, but instead are determined to become masters of their own lives. ”

- Roberto Assagioli, Founder of Psychosynthesis    



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